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Hey, welcome to our website, all about web hosting, WordPress, and all the related hosting stuff that goes with it.  Check out some of the articles under our blog section for some extremely useful advice on what to look out for in a web hosting provider, and how to choose the best web host available.

There are, of course, many different types of web hosting, from Shared hosting, to VPS, Cloud and Dedicated hosting.  In fact, it is quite often more complicated than that, with new specialist WordPress hosting that blurr the lines between Shared and VPS hosting.  To adequately choose the best host, you need to carefully research all the different features, find real reviews and choose one that is the best value for your purpose.

There is one other site that can help you choose the best host, and that is Best Host News.  The reason we particularly like this site is that they not only provide a real review on all the popular hosts, but they also provide hosting news on all the different hosting providers they review.  This allows you to see what each host has been up to, and get more detail on some of the features that they offer.

inmotion hostingNow, knowing what we know about web hosting, you may be wondering what hosting provider you recommend for WordPress sites.  Well, there are 2 different hosts we can recommend.  In reality they are the same company, but under different brands, each targeting different markets.  These hosts are InMotion, and WebHostingHub.  InMotion is the business brand, whilst WebHostinghub is the cheaper budget brand that targets smaller websites and blogs.  The great thing about this, is that there is a great upgrade path, even if you choose the more limited Webhostinghub service.  Their Premium brand InMotion however, is top quality, and really designed to give you the help and support for those more important business and ecommerce sites.  They have an incredible reputation too.

Anyway, there are lots of other awesome web hosting providers out there, and the above is just a couple of many that you may wish to consider.  Take a read of some of our articles, and the reviews and other information on other sites, such as Best Host News, and even speak to the various companies via their online support chat.

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